Getting further acquainted with Ireland

January 1, 2011

This past summer, a friend of Joan Johnson, foundress and president of the Christopher Inn International, generously offered Joan the resources to make an extended visit to Ireland. As a result, she was able to spend the months of September, October, and November in the west of Ireland—praying, discerning next steps for the project, and becoming better acquainted with the people of Ireland and the situation of the Church in this land.

During the month of October, members of the CI media team, led by David Johnson, joined her and captured footage for an upcoming fundraising video.

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At the end of November, Joan returned to the U.S., where development and fundraising efforts among the lay faithful are now taking place.

A gift on the part of laypeople to the Church's priests: a unique international destination offering refreshment, formation and fraternity for Catholic clergy.
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